Free webinar alert: How to improve communication and collaboration

Glean tips from Microsoft and Yammer on using technology to build a more empathetic, accountable and transparent culture.

Culture and comms webinar

How do you create a healthy corporate culture that’s fueled by robust, open communication?

It’s crucial to master modern technology to keep scattered, diverse workforces informed, but tools are just the tip of the employee engagement iceberg.

If you’re eager to improve your company culture and boost morale, register for a free webinar—Modern Communication Practices for Effective Collaborations—featuring experts from Microsoft and Yammer.

In this free webinar—airing Wednesday, March 25, from 2-3 p.m. Eastern time—you’ll learn:

  • The communications flow concepts of how people naturally communicate.
  • The role of Yammer and Microsoft Teams in supporting a healthy culture of accountability and “getting work done” within your organization
  • How to apply modern collaboration architecture (MOCA) to understand Microsoft 365 communication and collaboration tools
  • How to use a change-management-based approach to driving an open and inclusive communication culture

Regardless of whether your current culture is buoyant or foundering, there’s always room for improvement. The big question is: How do you make strides toward progress?

Register today for Modern Communication Practices for Effective Collaborations—for free—for expert guidance that will help you boost engagement, retention and morale.

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