Free webinar: Build your case for an employee communications platform

Win over your CFO and prove the value of an internal communications platform.

Is your organization stuck in the pre-digital age when it comes to employee communications?

You may be ready to make the switch and catch up with the times, but your leadership might not. It’s time to do some convincing.

Show your executives the value of an internal platform. Ragan and Social Chorus’ free webinar, How to Build Your Case for an Employee Communications Platform, will guide you through a proven process for building your argument and winning your CFO’s agreement.

Join Gregg Apirian, senior director of advisory services for Social Chorus, for this free virtual session. You’ll learn:

  • How the modern employee communications landscape is changing
  • The importance of building your coalition internally and involving key stakeholders in the buy-in process
  • How to relate your employee messaging objectives to your organization’s overarching goals
  • Why an employee platform helps departments beyond internal communications
  • Questions your CFO will ask (and how to answer them)

Click here to register for this webinar on April 3 at 1 p.m. Central time.

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