Free webinar: Connect with employees using compelling content

Join Simpplr from the comfort of your desk and discover how to create can’t-miss content your workforce will love.

Intranet webinar

No internal communicator wants to spend money—and lots of time and effort—on an intranet that gets meager results.

Join us for the 2019 Intranet Engagement Webinar and learn from Sam Keninger, VP of marketing and research at Simpplr. He’ll explain exactly how to create an intranet your employees will love, as well as show why content is king, especially on your internal social network.

You’ll learn:

  • Find out what stories and features capture the interest of employees
  • Create a calendar that makes it easy to consistently add new content to your intranet
  • Get senior leaders in your organization to contribute to your intranet in a meaningful way

Get everyone—from senior leaders to frontline employees—working together and working effectively. Register for the webinar here.


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