Free webinar: Improve employee experience with effective communication

Reach every one of your valued employees with best practices from our Effective Communications & Employee Experience Webinar.

Your employees might be meeting deadlines and doing great work, but do you consider how they’re feeling in their role?

The team that works on the other side of the country, the staff on the front lines who rarely sit in front of a computer screen—do they feel valued? Are they receiving the same communication as your in-office employees?

Join us Wednesday, May 22 from 1–2:15 p.m. Central time for the Effective Communications & Employee Experience Webinar. Discover how to ensure that every one of your employees, near and far, has an equal shot at a comfortable, productive and enjoyable workplace experience.

Reed Horanburg, global employee engagement manager at TE Connectivity, and Stefanie Lightman, head of brand management at Limeade, will team up to show you how to reach and effectively engage your entire workforce.

You’ll learn:

· How effective communications can positively affect the employee experience

· Best practices for reaching your deskless and disconnected workforce

· How to scale communications for a global audience

· And more

More than 80% of employees today are on the move and not sitting at a desk all day. Make sure they feel valued and included. Learn how by registering for our webinar here.

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