Get inspiration and support from these writing podcasts

Seasoned reporters, aspiring authors and new novelists alike will find tips, encouragement and useful information in these 10 programs.

There’s a reason podcasts are so popular: Their versatility, accessibility and ability to transport, educate and empower is hard to beat.

For writers looking to hone their craft or spice up a boring commute, there’s no shortage of helpful, entertaining content.

Here are 10 writing-related podcasts worth subscribing to:

1. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Every writer looking to improve his or her knowledge of the English language should bookmark this podcast. With helpful, insightful tips on grammar and storytelling, Mignon Fogarty’s podcast is sure to help you improve your writing skills.

A great place to start: The most popular episode from this podcast is “I.e. Versus E.g.” Listen to a fun history lesson in a more recent episode titled Why English Spelling is a Mess.

2. The Writer Files

Hosted by Kelton Reid, this long-running podcast delves deep into the “habits and habitats” of famed writers. Reid interviews an array of writers, giving listeners insight into the minds of accomplished wordsmiths.

A great place to start: One of Reid’s biggest interviews was with bestselling author Douglas Coupland, titled “How Bestselling Author Douglas Coupland Writes.” Also try a fascinating episode titled “The Best of the Writer’s Brain: Creativity.”

3. A Way With Words

This National Public Radio program examines language through the lens of history, culture and family. The podcast is rich with detail and magnificent storytelling, and it typically runs for about an hour.

A great place to start : A fun episode from October 2013, “Writerly Insults,” looks at some poorly written query letters and other pieces gone awry. A more recent episode, “A Shoo-in,” shares writing advice from Mark Twain, as well as the origin stories of words such as polka, smarmy and bully pulpit.

4. Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses is hosted by four writers who offer tips for writing techniques. This fast-paced podcast runs about 15 minutes per episode, which dovetails with their tagline: “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.”

A great place to start: A relevant episode for all writers, “Breaking In” talks about the concept of breaking into the industry, including tips on how to do it and what to do if you’re struggling. In a practical episode titled “Tools for Writers,” the four hosts share their favorite writing software.

5. I Should Be Writing

This award-winning podcast is hosted by Mur Lafferty. Show lengths vary, but episodes typically feature an interview with an author who has a new book to promote. The episodes often provide encouragement to aspiring writers.

A great place to start: An honest and vulnerable episode titled “Crippling Fear” is one all writers should listen to. Lafferty opens up about her own fears and failures. “Must You Be Writing Daily?” is another great episode.

6. Dead Robots’ Society

Dead Robots’ Society is a fun podcast by aspiring writers, for aspiring writers. Inspired by Mur Lafferty’s podcast, the hosts share writing insights—most of which relate to writing novels.

A great place to start: If fiction is your thing, try “Write Short Fiction Like a Boss.” In a more recent episode, hosts Terry and Paul discuss the unique topic of “Complete Characters with Incomplete Speech,” which covers bringing characters to life by creating dialogue that’s not grammatically correct.

7. Portfolio Life by Jeff Goins

Well-known author Jeff Goins hosts this podcast about life, collective work and artistry. Goins is known for his inspirational messages, and his podcast is no different. It’s all about finding what you were born to do and getting started creating a portfolio of your dreams.

A great place to start: In an inspirational episode, Goins talks about “Getting Paid to Pursue Your Passion in 48 Hours or Less.” Goins discusses his own passion-focused experiment and how it worked out for him. In a more recent episode, Goins interviews author Elizabeth Marshall about how to “Avoid the Ravenous Monster of the Bestseller Game.”

8. The Creative Penn Podcast

Author Joanna Penn covers many topics related to writing, including publishing, developing your craft and finding inspiration. Penn also interviews many professionals in the field.

A great place to start: If you’d like publishing secrets, listen to Penn’s interview with successful indie author Dean Crawford: “Pros and Cons of Indie and Traditional Publishing.” Another episode titled “How to Use Dictation to Write Faster and Stay Healthy” offers helpful tips.

9. The Story Grid Podcast

This podcast is hosted by two writers, seasoned author Shawn Coyne and amateur writer Tim Grahl. Their goal? Help writers create great stories. The twist? These hosts put their own work up for critique. Coyne also offers practical tools to help writers craft a story that works.

A great place to start: Shawn Rips it Apart,” where Coyne critiques the first scene in Grahl’s novel. They also discuss some literary greats, including Ernest Hemingway and Agatha Christie. In “Micro to Macro: Editing Your First Draft,” the authors discuss what to do after crafting your initial draft using their story spreadsheet.

10. Beautiful Writers Podcast

Beautiful Writers Podcast features conversations with some of the most recognized writers in the world. Host and writer Linda Sivertsen interviews bestselling authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, Glennon Doyle Melton and Brene Brown. Episodes are typically in-depth, and they include personal anecdotes from the most successful creatives in the business.

A great place to start: The interview with Gretchen Rubin, where she chats about habits that spark creativity. Anne Lamott also shares many nuggets of wisdom in “Hallelujah Away.”

A version of this post first appeared on The Write Life.

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