Hey, communicators, let’s play, ‘Would you rather…’

Have you ever played the game that requires you to choose between two unsavory options? Here’s a version for communications pros.

On long car trips, my kids will often play “Would You Rather?”

If you haven’t played, the game poses a question beginning with, “Would you rather…” and then offers a choice between two good options or a choice between two equally unattractive options. Answering “neither” or “both” is against the rules.

With my kids, their questions mostly involve superpowers (Would you rather be invisible or be invincible?); eating things (Would you rather eat a bug or moldy bread?); and school activities (Would you rather be in the science lab all day, or in art class all day?).

Listening to their game made me think about “would you rather” questions for corporate communicators.

So, Ragan readers, which would you rather do?

· Go to that late-afternoon meeting on 401(k) investment options, or write your self-assessment?

· Listen to a presentation filled with terms such as “synergize,” “circle back” and “implement,” or go to the dentist and have a cavity filled?

· Write the CFO’s message for the annual report, or edit the annual report message that the CFO wrote?

· Explain Google Analytics data to your CEO, or edit an article written by the corporate attorney?

· Write the in-house company style guide, or be responsible for enforcing the in-house company style guide?

· Read a blog laden with clichés such as “kick it up a notch” or “leverage cutting-edge technologies,” or ask the IT department to increase the size of your email in-box?

· Learn how to code, or learn how to edit video?

· Have your mom read everything you write, or have your favorite journalism school professor read everything you write?

· Work with a client who refuses to use social media, or work with a client who only wants to use social media?

· Work in an office building that’s always too hot or always too cold?

· Debate a co-worker about the serial comma, or debate a co-worker about the proper use of hyphens?

· Write your next article with a pen or with a typewriter?

· Be without Google Search for one day, or be without Instagram for one day?

· Dance in front of your co-workers at the company holiday party, or play softball in front of your co-workers at the company picnic?

· Teach spelling to first-graders, or teach spelling to accountants?

Any other “Would You Rather” scenarios to add to the list?

Laura Hale Brockway is an Austin-based writer and editor and a regular contributor to Ragan.com and PR Daily. Read more of her work at impertinentremarks.com.


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