Hotels offer live-tweeting at weddings for $3,000

New York’s W Hotels are offering couples a ‘social media wedding concierge’ to create a special wedding hashtag, take photos, make videos, and more.

When my wife and I got married, we joked briefly about creating a hashtag for our wedding. We laughed it off as absurd, because it is.

It’s so ridiculous, in fact, that the W Hotels in New York are charging $3,000 to do it on couples’ behalf.

That deal will get couples a “social media wedding concierge,” who will provide the following services during their special day:

• Live-tweeting of the ceremony and reception
• Instagram photos and videos, as well as Vine videos
• Curating a unique wedding hashtag
• Encouraging guests to “utilize” (not use, “utilize”) the hashtag as they post to social media
• Set up and maintenance of wedding blog before and after the day
• Curating registry wish list and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards to inspire couple
• A wedding social media recap for the couple, including a Shutterfly book complete with social media highlights from the planning process and a collage of the best tweets and Instagrams sent during the wedding

While you’re at it, why not drop an extra several grand to have your wedding become a sponsored trending hashtag? Why don’t you just cut out the middle man and have the bride and groom bring their smartphones to the altar?

Someone out there will pay for this. Someone is going to pay $3,000 for someone to come up with a crummy wedding hashtag. Let that sink in.

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