How a hospital built a crisis plan post-Sandy

NYU Langone Medical Center’s communications and social media staff learned a lot from Hurricane Sandy, namely, to have a set plan, backups, and more backups.

Hurricane Sandy spurred big changes at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, and now the hospital is more prepared than ever for a crisis.

Not only does Langone’s communications team have a detailed plan in place for getting crisis information out to the public and ensuring the safety of its employees, the staff has tons of backups in case something breaks down in the process.

“I have everyone’s telephone number on a piece of paper, believe it or not,” Kathy Lewis, the center’s senior vice president of communications and marketing said in an interview with Ragan Communications CEO Mark Ragan. “If my phone’s not working, my house phone might be working, so we have to be able to find somebody that way.”

In the video below, Lewis and Langone’s Director of Digital Communications Allyson Collins discuss what they’ve done to be ready the next time a crisis strikes.

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