How AI streamlines comms workflows across business functions

Let’s look at how different business functions can employ this bold new advancement.

Artificial intelligence (AI)has been on the mind of nearly every communicator as of late. Will AI replace us? The answer to that question is most likely no, but those who wish to flourish will embrace new ways to apply AI technology to their comms workflows, regardless of their function. Whether you want to use it to outline a blog post or to help generate ideas for marketing copy you’re drafting, AI is an asset that communicators can use to help leverage their honed and developed skills.


When you want to publish content about your employer brand, career opportunities and other front-facing messaging, you may call in the marketing department. How might an artificial intelligence program help your marketers in doing that?

There are quite a few ways! For instance, artificial intelligence can take large data sets and breaking them down into a digestible form. A marketing department might be able to feed an AI survey data they’ve collected and draw some general conclusions they can then use their own skills to turn into something bigger to show off the organization in its best light.

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