How are you giving back during this crisis?

Many organizations are trying to be essential resources for their people and the places they do business. We want to hear how you are reaching out.

This is a stressful time. And that—I know—is an understatement.

We could all use some good news, and there is some. We’ve all read and seen stories about the kindness of strangers and the goodness of humanity on the news.

Many organizations are coming up with ways to give back to their local community, industry and workforce.

This could be through donations, gift cards, support for local businesses, volunteering, a new CSR campaign or simple acts of kindness for employees or members of the community.

We’d like to feature what your organization is doing on our websites. Not only will this lift spirits, but it also might spark ideas for your team to help and give back at a time when many of us feel helpless.

It can be a simple tip or idea. As we all know, every little bit helps.

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One Response to “How are you giving back during this crisis?”

    Arely Ruiz says:

    I have been feeding the community with one of my clients – Celebrity Chef Chris. Community partners – Flipany and Farm Share – have joined us by providing distribution to Seniors, Families in Need and vegetables to be included in the prepared meals.
    In 2 weeks, we have prepared over 4k meals.
    I will email you the press releases.
    Thanks so much.
    Arely Daily Headlines

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