How artificial intelligence can ease a pro’s workday

Human interaction will remain a priority indefinitely, but tasks such as data gathering and SEO—and even crafting a basic press release—could increasingly fall to computers.

Human PR talent can be expensive.

We might deliver good work, but it’s relatively slow and costly. With that in mind, here are the public relations tasks that artificial intelligence could replace or augment in the foreseeable future:


A properly programmed machine can generate weekly, monthly, even daily coverage reports in minutes. Our work might be to review such reports for errors or insights, but the heavy lifting, which takes a human several hours, is quick work for a machine.

Other administrative tasks that AI could handle include creating media lists and speaking databases. Imagine feeding thousands of data points and getting a 90 percent or better accurate list.

Next, consider sentiment analysis. Advances in natural language processing make it possible for a machine to understand tone and tell you how the world feels about your brand. Theoretically you could feed hundreds of thousands of articles and social media posts into the system and gain insights in minutes. The task then becomes what to do with that knowledge, rather than how to find it.

Content creation

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