How brilliant blog comments can boost your business

Do you follow up with customer questions on your blog, or pop in on other industry blogs? Here’s the best way to do it.

When you write a brilliant post on your blog, you gain the attention of your readers and start a conversation.

Then the comments start to roll in. This is where you can take your company blog from good to great.

Writing stunning blog comments is an art and, if you master it, your business can attract more leads and command more respect. Here are some tips:

1. You can build relationships with customers.

Answer questions. When you maintain a blog for your small business, your readers expect a certain level of customer service. If they ask questions about points in your post or your products and services, be sure to reply promptly. Let readers know you’re a reliable, responsive resource.

Use your voice. Your company blog allows you to take on a more casual, conversational tone than what might appear on your website. Write your blog and comments with a strong, personal and friendly voice that gives readers a better idea of the real person behind the brand. They’re more likely to connect when they can relate.

Get real feedback and insight. Comments are your chance to find out what your customers really think about your business. Write comments that encourage conversation. Let readers know you appreciate their input, and use it to improve how you do business.

2. You can build relationships with bloggers.

Comment on other blogs. If another industry blogger leaves a comment on your post, check out his blog. Leave a thoughtful comment to contribute to the conversation with a link back to your blog. This lets your readers know you care about who they are, and it opens the door for a stronger, larger network.

Write guest blog posts. Simply commenting on your readers’ blogs can help you build a solid network of industry thought leaders. These relationships can lead to guest posts on their blogs, which can further establish your authority in the field.

Increase exposure. Guest blog posts also provide more exposure for your business, with opportunities to link back to your blog and website. Be sure to respond to comments on your guest posts—this can help bring even more readers and leads to your business.

Commenting tips and etiquette:

  • Address commenters by name. Be sure to spell them correctly.
  • Be polite. Say thank you! If it weren’t for your readers, you would be talking to yourself.
  • Read the entire comment/post. Don’t reply to a comment you haven’t read completely. And don’t comment on a blog post you only skimmed.
  • Proofread. Yes, even your comments.

Let’s see those commenting skills in action. Go!

Jacqui MacKenzie is Web editor at Lions Club International. A version of this article originally appeared on The Straight North Blog.

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