How communicators can inspire and unite a non-desk workforce

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How communicators can unite and inspire

Communicators have the potential to wield an enormous amount of influence—especially during unnerving seasons of uncertainty.

However, most squander their potential power, authority, influence and goodwill by failing to seize the moment. Many shrink back, defer or remain silent instead of stepping up to become a voice of hope, inspiration and motivation in their organization.

If you’re unsure how to craft effective, inclusive communication amid the ongoing pandemic—or if you’re struggling to grab your colleagues’ attention—help is on the way. Make plans to attend “3 Proven Strategies to Educate, Inspire and Unite Employees through Digital Internal Communications,” a free webinar streaming on June 23 from 2-3 p.m. (ET). You’ll learn:

  • How to deploy a unified mobile strategy across multiple organizations.
  • How to measure, respond and reach a non-desk workforce.
  • How to create a communication strategy that complies with a workers’ union.

Featuring real-world guidance and insider tips from Kelly Martin, assistant vice president of communications at UC Health, this is a great opportunity to reset your communication strategy and refresh your messaging tactics.

Now’s the time for more communication

According to Jim Ylisela, co-founder of Ragan Consulting Group, polling data consistently reveals that employees are craving information right now. Therefore, delivering that pertinent information to workers—in a manner that reaches desk-bound and deskless workers alike—is mission critical. Doing so takes a delicate balance and smart combination of content.

Ylisela advises focusing on three “buckets.” He writes:

1. Facts and information. “People want facts, and they want them in real time,” he states. Ylisela says to provide “a regular, consistent daily update that everyone can rely on and easily access.”

2. Insight and guidance. “Employees want to know what we’re doing next – and why,” Ylisela writes. He exhorts comms pros to support managers in this regard, as they’re often the vital link to those hard-to-reach deskless workers. “Don’t chase the news. Be calm, and offer a reliable assessment,” he says.

3. Compassion and inspiration. Amid the pandemic, “People want to be reassured, not given false hope,” Ylisela says. “They want to be inspired, to know that we will get through this, that we will prevail, and that we all have to care for each other, in any way we can.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, make time to attend the free webinar, “3 Proven Strategies to Educate, Inspire and Unite Employees through Digital Internal Communications.” You’ll leave encouraged, uplifted and prepared to make a positive difference in your organization.

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