Take our survey: How is your company preparing for the November elections?

Ragan and The Conference Board seek insights from comms and marketing leaders on their planned communications initiatives ahead of the November elections.

Every organization needs an integrated strategy for communicating with stakeholders about the upcoming elections—one that aligns messages with internal and external audiences as works a partnership between your marketing and communications functions.

Ragan has teamed up with The Conference Board to conduct a survey gauging how executive-level comms and marketing professionals plan to engage with election-related topics during the year.

This survey examines:

  • The internal initiatives planned for employees ahead of elections.
  • How comms and marketing will adjust external messaging in consideration of the elections.
  • Strategies for reducing reputational risk in an election year.
  • The biggest election-related stressors and concerns for comms and marketing.
  • How communication budgets are adjusting to inform election communications strategy.
  • Changes to the business in the run-up to November.

Your anonymous participation in this survey will contribute to a deeper understanding of how communications and marketing leaders are thinking proactively about the political landscape and the election issues that matter most to audiences. Your perspective will help every communicator stay nimble and proactive in preparation for November.

Please respond to the survey here by May 24th.

We also invite you to our joint webcast with The Conference Board on June 25, 11am-12pm ET, What Initiatives Are Communications & Marketing Taking for the Elections, to discuss the survey findings with a CCO and CMO.

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