How to bolster corporate communications through video

Video enhances communications like no other channel. It must be done right, however. Glean tips from this enlightening new guide.

Everywhere you look, people are watching YouTube videos on their smartphones and laptops.

The question is how to use video in internal communications. Even as communicators realize they should be using the visual format, they’re not always sure how to do so successfully.

A new guide from Ragan Communications and MediaPlatform offers ways to make this powerful format a successful part of your strategic communications.

The free guide, “How video drastically improves corporate communication,” lays out the many benefits of video, including its more engaging and personal nature. The guide comes with a caution: You must do video right to reap its benefits—and the guide tells you just how to do so.

Video webcasts were a major part of a 13 percent increase in engagement in one year at GoDaddy, says Kim Clark, director of internal communications at GoDaddy.

“Body language speaks volumes,” Clark says, “and you can get the tone right, which can sometimes be off in email communications.”

Role of video to grow

Most leaders say they will rely more heavily upon video in the next five to 10 years, with the trend even stronger for those managing large teams, Cisco reports.

Anyone who has ever sent or received an email understands the risk of misreading the tone or inflection, says Bill Accola, vice president of customer success at MediaPlatform. Video reduces the possibility that an employee will misinterpret a message.

Learn about the benefits of video:

  • Small wins become easy. Rather than producing an epic docu-series on a complicated subject, shoot quick videos that prove your value. The guide offers tips on how to do this.
  • Video is captures emotion. Learn to make viewers feel an emotion that compels them to act.
  • Every element in the frame is a character. “I’m a huge fan of shooting video with a live environment in the background,” Clark says. “People are working; they’re just going about their business.”
  • Video has greater authenticity. Help your audience feel that the executive is transparent and authentic, says Justin Allen, head of production and video strategy and an affiliate partner of Ragan Consulting Group. Often a change of scenery is all it takes.
  • Create in-house stars who extend your message’s reach. Find out how a video about a nerdy if charismatic character called Mr. Smarty Pants helped drive home messages for SAS, the North Carolina business analytics company.
  • Video enables dialogue. Back-and-forth discussions are hard to pull off in text. Video is a natural medium for lively exchanges. Gather tips from Micron’s “buddy” broadcasts, in which two experts discuss a topic.
  • Video allows live polls and chats that boost engagement. If you want to take the pulse of your organization live, no tool is more effective and immediate than video.

These and other tips will help get your video program on the right track. Download your free guide now.

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