How to boost engagement and retention through internal culture

Health care is a demanding field, and employees who feel overworked and underappreciated won’t stick around long. A new tip sheet offers ways to improve your internal comms strategy.

When Franciscan Children’s launched a mobile app for employees, the health care provider found a way to stress that it was moving beyond outdated communications.

Promising to move beyond its “dinosaur” intranet, senior leaders dressed in a prehistoric reptile costume. Throughout the building, communicators posted printed-out “dinosaur eggs” that could be traded in for Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards.

To create a healthy internal culture and boost employee retention, hospital communicators are embracing creative new digital tactics and strategies, a free tip sheet from Ragan Communications and Staffbase reveals.

The downloadable tip sheet, “How to boost culture and retention in health care through new wave’ comms,” shows how three medical organizations enhanced communications—and reaped results.

  • Franciscan Children’s, a pediatric post-acute care provider, launched a mobile app that has sparked a renewal in its internal communications and engagement.
  • Hamilton Health Sciences in Ontario, Canada, encourages its staffers to communicate through external social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn—even via smartphones.
  • Cape Cod Healthcare has taken an outward facing platform—a brand journalism site—and is using it for internal communications.

“The workforce is changing, and the way that they’re working is changing,” says Carla Kath, marketing communications specialist at Franciscan Children’s, in Brighton, Massachusetts, “so the platform has to evolve in order to ensure that communications is maintained.”

In this free tip sheet, you’ll learn:

  • Why a better employee experience and improved engagement can help with retention
  • How health care providers (and others) can move beyond stuffy intranets to reach employees in new ways—even if you’ve banned mobile use in the workplace
  • A mobile app that sparked a renewal in Staffbase’s internal communications and engagement
  • Why journalism-style stories and video can reach your own staff—not just external audiences
  • What mobile data can teach you as you hone your approach
  • How to gain authenticity through patient testimonials
  • Why you must take employee suggestions seriously—and act on them
  • How to support external stories and platforms through your intranet, informing employees more effectively
  • How to reach your employees and foster conversation on social media (you’ll just have to educate your staff about the risks)

“You’re able to go on Twitter and connect with somebody and immediately break down those walls and feel like you’re dealing with a human on the other end of it and not a process,” Levely says.

Find out how engagement pays dividends internally. Download your free guide here.

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