Guidance to communicate furloughs and layoffs in a time of crisis

Ann Barlow of Peppercomm shares key principles to keep in mind when announcing staff changes.

Leading with empathy

Times of crisis and financial difficulty, such as those imposed by COVID-19, often leave employers in the unfortunate position of having to furlough or lay off part of their workforce.

These announcements are never easy; if handled poorly, they can also do lasting damage to employee engagement, culture and morale.

During Ragan’s Best Practices in Internal Communications and Culture Virtual Conference, Ann Barlow, senior partner, West Coast president and managing director of employee engagement at Peppercomm, shared some tips for handling these discussions thoughtfully.

How to announce furloughs and layoffs

These considerations may seem simple, but they are often overlooked in times of turmoil. By keeping them top of mind, you can keep the respect and trust of employees during and after a crisis.

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