How to cultivate winning writing habits

Communicators who procrastinate writing requested copy or those who are coming up empty when seeking ideas for blog posts can turn things around with this infographic guide.

As many professional writers will tell you, good habits are everything.

If procrastination or writer’s block sets in, the writer’s bank account might suffer. With any pursuit, the more you practice your craft, the better you become at it.

Drive and talent will only take you so far. Then where speed, inspiration and ensuring that more people see your work come into play.

To get to that point, On Blast Blog’s “The Ultimate Writer’s Guide to Success” is an infographic to help you along. It provides tips on improving your speed, finding fodder for your copy, practicing good writing habits and using the right tools and techniques to make sure your work is seen.

Are you coming up empty for writing ideas? On Blast Blog’s guide suggests checking out your competitors, industry forums, keyword searches, Quora and a few other tools that can help you generate ideas for your posts and craft headlines that entice readers to click.

Think you’re an old dog that can’t be taught new tricks? The guide says that writers can change bad habits by continuing to work at it, going “the extra mile others won’t,” being positive and continuing to strive for better and perservering.

Learn more by checking out the infographic below:

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