How to make Hollywood-quality videos without a blockbuster budget

The experts at Google and Cisco share their tips for creating cost-effective videos that get results.

Lights. Camera. Inaction?

If that describes your efforts to add video to your programs, you’re not alone. Despite knowing how effective it is, many communicators are slow to embrace the medium—usually out of fear that it will break the bank.

The experts at the 2018 Video and Visual Storytelling Virtual Summit know that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some of their tips for creating outstanding videos on a budget:

  1. Zynara Ng, video producer at Google, believes videos don’t have to be flashy to grab attention. Instead, focus on following narrative structures proven to engage audiences.
  2. Carmen Shirkey Collins at Cisco uses a variety of DIY equipment and cheap tools to shoot high-quality videos without professionals.
  3. Shannon High-Bassalik at Highball Media Group recommends maximizing the revenue potential of your videos by putting them on the right platforms and choosing better titles.

Learn how they do all this and more by joining them for this can’t-miss virtual summit on July 20. You’ll get plenty of actionable tips to start creating cost-effective videos immediately.

Videos worthy of the big screen don’t have to come with a Hollywood price tag. Register today and embrace this medium without draining your budget.

Register here to save $50.

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