How to manage and mitigate employees’ COVID-19 anxiety

Keep your colleagues calm, uplifted and engaged with a steady flow of relevant information.

Staffbase webinar on COVID-19 comms

How you treat and communicate with workers during this crisis will be seared into their memories—for better or worse.

Employees are increasingly looking to their employers for accurate, timely information regarding the pandemic, which provides an immense opportunity and challenge for communicators.

“More than ever, in times of crisis, your message really matters,” says Jason Etter, director of marketing for Staffbase, “but you have to be extremely careful with how you phrase things.”

A new webcast featuring expertise from Staffbase offers sound advice for those eager to make the most of this crucial messaging moment. The free session, “Employee Communications: How to Manage Employee Fear, Uncertainty and Productivity,” answers key questions such as:

  • What do employees expect from leadership right now?
  • What are crucial messages to share with employees? (From travel updates and prevention measures, to updated workforce protocols and more)
  • How can I empower employees to help the organization combat the crisis with clarity?
  • Which platforms are best for updating employees?
  • How can I ensure deliverability and track acknowledgement of COVID-19 updates?

Communicators have a chance to shine amid this anxiety, but it takes a strategic, smart approach.

How much is too much?

Each crisis requires a different volume of messaging. For COVID-19—which has upended lives and livelihoods around the globe—information must flow consistently.

The webcast offers tips for what types of messaging stand the best chance of resonating with employees right now. Etter says to prioritize “actionable” communication that’s personal, transparent and rich in context.

Etter also says that it’s “OK to share more than you normally would right now,” with the caveat of keeping focused on COVID-19. Overloading employees with extraneous information might diminish whatever goodwill you’ve established. Regardless of your cadence, channel or content, focus on building trust.

Establishing—and maintaining—that trust is essential for companies that want to survive the COVID-19 era.

Download this free webcast for expert guidance that will help you keep your employees informed, inspired and calm during these uncertain times.

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