How to plant, cultivate and protect a thriving communication garden

Instead of haphazardly scattering seeds, tend a tidy, focused plot. Prune and weed aggressively, and take time to celebrate fruitful harvests.

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We are planters, cultivators, growers and protectors of our various crops and, let’s not forget, shovelers of editorial manure. It’s dirty, tedious, often thankless work, but it’s worth the toil to watch content bloom and produce a fruitful corporate yield.

Here are six tips to keep your communication garden tidy, fertile and productive:

1. Build solid infrastructure, till the soil, and plant wisely.

To establish a proper garden in your backyard, you don’t scatter seeds willy-nilly and hope for the best. You should strategically select a sun-soaked plot, construct a garden bed, fill it with fertile soil and plant things likely to grow in your hardiness zone.

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