How to prove the ROI of internal comms

Trying to figure out the return on investment of all that work of yours? A new tip sheet shows how to provide qualitative feedback from engaged, enlightened employees.

Internal messaging means nothing if you can’t prove your success. You might as well be dropping pennies down an empty mine shaft.

On the upside, successful engagement with your employees helps you to focus your efforts and see what’s not working.

A new, free tip sheet from Sitrion and Ragan Communications, “9 ways to prove internal communications’ ROI,” offers tips on how to establish that your communications are penetrating the brick wall of internal resistance and inertia.

“Measurement is good, but equally as powerful is evidence from employees that they’re taking your content to heart,” the tip sheet offers. You know that when employees understand the company mission and values, they tend to be more productive—and happier with their jobs.

Download this tip sheet, and you’ll discover:

  • How to crowdsource meeting comments
  • Ways to create a positive or negative “sentiment score” for articles based on feedback
  • How to analyze comments
  • How to consolidate content and boost open rates
  • Why and how to measure communications by engagement and participation
  • How to solicit compelling stories from employees
  • How to demonstrate your programs’ impact
  • And much more

In the tip sheet, diverse sources reveal how they track these vital matters. They include Mercer, American Traffic Solutions, American Family Insurance, Hackensack University Medical Center, the College of Biblical Studies and Cengage Learning.

American Family Insurance adopted a storytelling approach in 2015 to increase employee engagement. “It’s a much different approach, so we’re continually focused on showing that it’s working,” says Paul Bauman, internal storytelling manager for the Madison, Wisconsin-based insurer.

He can point to employees’ enthusiasm about sharing their experiences as proof of the value of the approach.

Mercer, a global consulting company based in New York, shows the value of the company’s intranet and employee engagement tools for shrinking the barriers of time and distance. “We highlight success stories—how we can make employees’ jobs easier or better service our clients,” Robinson says.

Find out how. Download your free copy here.

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