How to reach non-desk employees

Having trouble getting the news out? A new tip sheet reveals tactics for reaching employees who don’t sit at a desk.

It’s not easy to reach airline employees flying to locations around the world. Or employees who out stocking shelves or checking the pressure on valves in a factory.

So how do you get out your essential messages?

A free tip sheet from Ragan and Red e App, a mobile internal comms platform, offers tips from organizations that range from WestJet to the JustFab clothing company’s fulfillment center.

The piece, titled “10 ways to reach dispersed employees,” will help you brainstorm new methods—or inspire communications newcomers to reach out to employees in different ways.

“A lot of our workers do not have access to work computers or a work email address, so we have to get creative,” says Amy Waymeyer, culture and communications coordinator at JustFab.

Video helped Rolls-Royce, which had built the engine for Bell Boeing’s V-22 Osprey, tell the story of its contribution to employees who couldn’t be there when the Osprey landed in their parking lot, says Chuck Gose, Corporate Communications Practice Leader for BroadSign and host of ICology.

“I saw the power of video,” Gose said, “that it wasn’t just ‘a nice-to-have,’ it wasn’t just a ‘That’s cool that we were able to do that.’ It really brought that event home.”

JustFab uses Red e App to provide access to documents, including benefits information, and to send company announcements such as messages. A notification shows in their smartphones letting them know about the message, Waymeyer says. Recently, JustFab provided information about a job opening via the app “so current employees could apply before external candidates.”

The tip sheet also covers:

  • Smarter use of mobility in reaching your staff.
  • Video and digital signs.
  • Scheduling and messaging apps.
  • How WestJet works its airline theme.
  • Why livestreamed town halls can bring your executives’ message home to distant staffers.
  • How to empower individuals to share images and video.
  • Why print isn’t dead yet.
  • Why you shouldn’t neglect to talk to them face-to-face.

Download your copy here.


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