How to squeeze the most juice out of media coverage

A print or online mention will vanish into the ether unless you actively share the piece, show gratitude and continue promoting it. Here’s how to make the most of your big score.

You just scored media coverage. Congratulations!

Now what?

You’re getting a flurry of attention and traffic, but it won’t last long. Usually, the spike in website traffic from coverage lasts only a few hours. Traffic typically goes back to normal within a day or so.

Your goal now is to maximize the impact of the mention. If you move quickly, you can:

  • Promote the piece to a wide audience
  • Network and make new contacts
  • Pump up your website’s SEO
  • Bolster your authority

Your first job, however, is to drive traffic to the article.

Journalists must drive traffic to their articles; they are judged on this. Your maximizing traffic to their piece is a nice way to say thanks and a great way to help your new friend shine.

Here are six steps to make this happen:

1. Share it on social media.

This is the first, easiest and most important step. Our goal is to share content many times on multiple networks. When you share a piece on social media, mention the writer. Offer credit and gratitude.

Here’s how I thanked Alex Rynne for including me in a post on the LinkedIn blog:


Now, share it again and mention the publication. This will get the attention of the marketers at the brand and give them the chance to reshare it.


Next, if anyone else is mentioned in the article, include them in the next share. This enlists their help in driving more traffic.


Also make the most of hashtags, questions and teasers to drive reshares and clicks. You can schedule all your posts at once using social media automation.

2. Find other people who shared it. Share it again by thanking them.

This tactic isn’t as obvious, but it’s great for networking.

You can find people who shared your article using BuzzSumo. Enter the address of the article, then click “View Sharers.”


Now you’re looking at a list of everyone who shared the article on Twitter.


You can sort them by the size of their following or their likelihood to retweet. Next, share the article again, mentioning them.

3. Check the publisher’s social media accounts.

If your story appears in the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts for the publisher, be sure to “like,” comment, share and retweet it. This will expand your reach and show the writer you’re paying attention and helping to promote the piece.

4. Add it to your next newsletter, and send it to your mailing list.

If you have a list and your strategy has room for it, add the article to your next email campaign. After the email goes out, forward it to the writer and say you shared the article with your list.

5. Link to it from relevant pages and posts on your site.

It might make sense to link to the media mention from a page or post on your site. When you add the link, consider mentioning the publication.

Share the page with the publishers, and say you’re doing everything possible to drive traffic their way.

6. Mention the piece in answers within Quora, LinkedIn or Facebook groups.

Are you active in any LinkedIn or Facebook groups? Do you ever answer questions on Quora? These are all places where you can drop in a link to the article. If possible, mention the writer.

When you establish that you’ll work hard to drive traffic to any piece that you’re mentioned in, you are much more likely to be mentioned again—but it’s still important to follow up and build a stronger connection with the writer.

Taking these steps will maximize the reach of your media coverage and open doors for networking.

Andy Crestodina is the strategic director of Orbit Media. A version of this post first appeared on Orbit Media’s blog.

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