How to turn dull story and video assignments into hits

Does your job feel like an endless cycle of obligatory content? A free report tells how to make dull stories fun—for you and your audience.

Every communicator is familiar with the must-do stories and videos—the annual United Way drive, the reminders about benefits signups, the chief executive’s holiday video.

When you’ve written or shot a topic a million times, how to you make it fresh and compelling?

How to transform dull stories into compelling content,” a free download from Ragan Communications and Dynamic Signal, offers tips that will help you:

  • Bring boring stories to life for employees
  • Get your workforce to generate content for you
  • Make internal video a hit

Communicators often think about obligatory stories as topics to produce content around. Instead, focus on the people who are emotionally connected to an activity, says Jim Ylisela, owner and managing partner at Ragan Consulting Group.

“You can’t find the emotional center of a story if you’re not even thinking of it as an actual story—as a narrative,” Ylisela added. “You’re just thinking of it as a thing you have to describe.”

The download reveals how Merkle Inc. harnesses employee expertise by encouraging content curation. You’ll find out how the business analytics firm SAS uses a template to get Q&A profiles of employees.

Find out how Metropolitan State University of Denver enlists employees to produce a weekly video “rewind” that boosts readership and viewership of key stories. Also, delve into the mindset necessary to produce winning content for the workforce at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, which is 80 percent female.

Spark lively discussions through employee-generated content, and harness the power of video as an internal channel. Learn the two essential elements of good writing, and find out how photos can attract more employees to your intranet.

Above all, you’ll discover how to have more fun at your job, because it will become more interesting.

“Don’t tell it because it’s important,” Jacobson says. “Tell it because it’s a story that you’re excited to tell.”

Download your free copy of “How to transform dull stories into compelling content.”

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