How to turn movement into habit

A free guide shares tips for encouraging employees to move more during the workday and develop other healthy habits.

How to Turn Movement into Habit

Developing a habit starts with making that behavior a routine. For many hybrid or remote workers, their routines and habits from before COVID-19 likely no longer exist or are greatly altered, giving way to more time inside and sitting hunched over a keyboard. There are many studies showing how harmful sedentary lifestyles can be, and with most people spending the majority of their day working, it’s time for employers to encourage movement in the workday.

To get employees moving in a healthier direction, Ergotron has published its “Create a Movement Mindset” guide. The guide can help companies take actionable steps toward supporting employees’ holistic health. Offering tips to help workers move more throughout the day, the free guide recommends small shifts that can have a big impact for employees’ health and well-being.

The “Create a Movement Mindset” guide can help:

  • Use science-backed methods to increase healthy habits.
  • Encourage workers to make incremental changes in daily routines to facilitate greater health, energy, connectivity and collaboration.
  • Leverage community, competition and camaraderie to drive improved well-being among employees.
  • Create wellness-based goals that are easy—and satisfying—to achieve.
  • And more.

Download the free guide to learn more.


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