How your organization can share its best Instagram photos of 2017

Brand managers and PR pros can add easy content this year with the help of a website that pulls the nine best-received posts of the year from Instagram. Here’s how.

How good was last year for you?

Although the beginning of the year is a time for reflection for many, many communicators are scrambling to find content after the long break. The website has a simple solution for brand managers wanting to publish content right away: Share your top-performing posts of the past year.

The website scans any public Instagram account and culls the most-liked photos of the past year into an editable collage.

TechCrunch explained:

[…] Your Instagram profile must be public for this to work, so if you have it set to private, quickly switch it to public to allow Best Nine to get in there and do its magic. Once your profile is public, head to 2017 Best Nine and input your Instagram ID.

After a few seconds (or minutes, depending on traffic to the site), the Best Nine service will offer you options for your final collaged photo that includes your best nine photos from 2017.

The ‘original version’ includes a caption that says “Thank you for your likes!” with the hashtag #2017bestnine at the top. You can also choose the photo only version or check out your best nine from 2016.

The website also shares top photo collages from the most popular Instagrammers of 2017, including Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Users have been quick to use the platform to share their year in review.

#bestnine2017 #happy2018

A post shared by @ buddahs_records on

Some shared photos of their animals:

My best nine of 2017! #bestnine2017

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Others promoted their merchandise:

Best nine posts also crossed over to Twitter.

What were your best moments of 2017? If you captured them on Instagram, you can resend them to your followers with a click of a button.

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