IHOP makes waves with name-change mystery

The company is switching ‘pancakes’ for something beginning with the letter ‘b.’ Many pancake aficionados took to social media to decry the move.

The International House of Pancakes is removing the hotcakes from its name.

The new acronym, “IHOb,” has been teased on social media, but the company won’t spill the coffee beans yet on what the new name stands for. Many speculate it will include “breakfast.”

The lowercase b is the capital P inverted, by the way.

IHOP announced the change on its Twitter feed.

Many have been guessing what the “b” stands for, and IHOP has been exhorting its followers to surmise the mystery word.


The company’s Twitter handle also released a poll for what the “b” might represent:

The move is genuine, IHOP insists.

Fortune reported:

Although some Twitter users initially speculated that the tweet might have been a clever PR stunt to drum up interest for the breakfast chain, a spokesperson for IHOP confirmed to the New York Post that the tweet was serious.

We will have to wait until June 11 to find out what the new name change means for the 60-year-old restaurant chain, but at least one thing’s for sure, the pancakes don’t seem to be leaving the menu.

Some on Twitter shared their disdain.

For its part, the griddlecake specialists are sticking to the plan on Twitter, making much hay of the letter change.

For now the company is keeping customers in suspense as Twitter users share their guesses for what “b” stands for—or vent their frustration over the acronym’s alteration. Either way, people are talking about breakfast, and that might mean more business for IHOP—er, IHOb.

What do you think of the brand’s name change?

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