In a quick marketing move, ASOS turns typo into ‘limited edition’ offering

After noticing a misspelling on thousands of its bags, the UK-based retailer tweeted out the error with a joke. Many applauded the decision.

In PR and marketing, it’s all about positioning.

ASOS, an online fashion and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom, is reaping the benefits of a last-minute pivot after it found a typo on 17,000 of its bags:

Instead of reading, “Discover fashion online,” the last word was misspelled to read, “onilne.” ASOS’ social media team took to Twitter with a picture and admission of the mistake, telling followers it was calling the bags with the typo “limited edition.”

The tweet has racked up more than 6,000 retweets and 38,000 likes, along with a slew of other comments on Twitter and headlines across news publications.

“This is the best turnaround I’ve ever seen,” wrote Cosmopolitan’s Abbi Malbon. wrote that the retailer is “styling it out spectacularly” and Metro called said ASOS “brilliantly” recovered from the error.

Many consumers applauded the move on Twitter, with some wanting to purchase items just to get the bag:

Others jumped in with typo admissions of their own:

For PR and marketing pros facing the music after making a grammatical mistake or overlooking a typo, ASOS’ “oops” moment shows that you’re far from being alone. It also highlights the opportunities for a PR and marketing win, provided you’re willing to laugh at your mistake and think quickly to turn the situation around.

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