In trying times, keep on trying

These words of encouragement can be the remedy for mounting frustration.

Never stop trying

Communicators, we know your colleagues are looking to you for news and information related to the pandemic. It can be anxiety-producing for many, which is why we’ve launched a series called “Inspiration Break.”

Consider sharing an inspirational story, anecdote or essay that offers perspective, such as the one below. If nothing else, it’s a brief respite from an otherwise stressful day.

Remember that old saying, “Nothing beats a failure but a try”? Surely, you’ve heard that when you were on the brink of throwing in the towel, but someone stepped in to encourage you to keep going. That’s because two of the factors that contribute to success are resilience and perseverance.

Here is something to keep in mind as when you encounter obstacles and challenges on the journey toward your goals:


Try again.

Try once more.

Try, but do something different.

Try again tomorrow.

Try, but first ask for help.

Try after you’ve consulted someone who’s succeeded at it.

Try, but first determine what isn’t working.

Try again once you determine what is working.

Just keep trying.

If it can be done, you can be the one to do it, so don’t give up.

Taken from Bits & Pieces.

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