Infographic: 10 crucial social media trends to monitor in 2018

Prepare for an onslaught of advocacy marketing, shoppable media, voice search and augmented reality.

Our lives—and our businesses—increasingly revolve around and rely on social media.

Getting a jump on social media trends gives you big advantage, so if you’re keen for more green in 2018, Social Media Today has an infographic with 10 predictions for the year to come.

Here’s a smattering of what appears to be on the rise:

  • Advocacy marketing. Existing customers are often the most effective salespeople. Take time in 2018 to tap passionate supporters, employees, customers and partners who can advocate on your behalf online.
  • Shoppable media. Have you seen those “click-to-buy” or “click-to-shop” buttons while surfing social media? Expect to see plenty more “rich media” ads that offer a seamless purchasing process in 2018. Read more about this hot trend here.
  • Voice search. As people increasingly rely on Alexa and Siri to do their bidding, marketers should “optimize content for voice-led search behavior.” Siri, unlock the secrets of reaching my target demographic on Snapchat—then, file my taxes and pay this outrageous medical bill, please.
  • Augmented reality ads. Brace yourself for more invasive immersive advertisements on your favorite platforms in 2018, as brands scramble to create more substantive, memorable experiences to reach new audiences.
  • Chatbots. You might have one for your website, but how about a social media chatbot? The benefits can go way beyond mere customer service.

In social media marketing, fortune often favors the bold and forward-thinking. Get an edge over your competitors in 2018 by mastering the hot trends and tech listed below.

Social Media Trends Infographic 2018

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