Infographic: 10 motivation killers and how to fix them

Useless meetings, inadequate office spaces and micromanaging bosses are just a few reasons your employees aren’t motivated. Here’s how to turn things around.

It happens to everyone: sitting at your desk, you realize that you lack any motivation whatsoever to get any work done. Good luck being productive when this motivation slump hits hardcore, infecting your entire office.

The only long-term fix for a lack of motivation is to find the motivation killers in your workplace and eradicate them. Whether it is an awful office space, a micromanaging boss or a lack of clear goals, getting to the source of the problem can boost productivity for your entire team.

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Check out the infographic below, compiled by status reporting software Weekdone, to learn about the top 10 motivation killers and how to banish them from your office. Then, make the fixes and get back to work.

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