Infographic: 10 tips to dive into effective team meetings

What can penguins teach us about group communication? Slide, march or waddle on over, and let’s tuck into a bucketful of helpful huddle advice.

Working in a department without regular feedback can feel like being adrift on a shrinking ice floe.

Communicators have the power to unite, encourage and inspire weary workers, but it takes the dedication and social intuition of an intrepid penguin to bring colleagues in from the cold.

The clever folks at Alive have created a briny, beautiful infographic that touts the power of the powwow. Employees crave feedback, input and direction; quick check-ins with your team are a great way to boost motivation and morale. Swift, productive huddles can turn sad, sluggish shuffles into “happy feet” in no time.

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The graphic offers a spread of tasty tips to master the brief team meeting, including:

  • Dive in regularly. “Huddles have the most impact when they’re regularly scheduled,” and it’s wise to hold them either at the beginning or end of whichever day you choose.
  • Get straight to the point. Don’t let meetings meander. Determine the topics and takeaways you want to cover beforehand.
  • Keep it snappy. The graphic advises keeping huddles between five and 15 minutes.
  • Encourage interaction. Don’t let Chatty Kathy, Verbose Vinny or Alpha Alice dominate the conversation. Give everyone an opportunity to speak, whether it’s regarding current projects, hobbies or particularly impressive krill hauls.
  • Vary the format. Even fun formats can grow stale over time. Mix up your huddle agendas by sprinkling in guest appearances, fun videos or games.
  • Freeze and summarize. When time’s up, stop, and a take a final moment to sum up the main takeaways from your gathering. Send out your team with straightforward marching orders.

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Employees might not have to balance eggs on their feet for 65 days each year, but we all carry around babies (be they of the human or special project variety) and burdens. Communicators can ease workplace stress and disengagement by fostering an atmosphere of consistent, concise communication.

For more penguin-inspired tips on establishing effective group huddles, slide through the rest of Alive ‘s infographic below.

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