Infographic: 10 types of social media addicts

Do you turn social networks into verbs? Do you check in at locations as you drive by them? If so, your diagnosis looks grim.

You joke that you’re addicted to social media, but every time you say it, you can’t help but wonder if you actually are.

Worried? Take a look at these profiles from Marketo’s new infographic, and see if you fit any of the descriptions:

1. The alert-lover. You set your phone to alert you—audibly—when anything happens on any of your social media profiles.

2. The blog referencer. When someone asks you a question, you typically respond with, “You should read my blog post about that.”

3. The verb creator. You turn social media sites into verbs. For example: “I need to Instagram this!”

4. The freak out-er. You freak out when a social media site goes down.

5. The vowel hater. You drop vowels from your tweets to make the 140-count limit.

Don’t see yourself in those descriptions? Don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. Here’s the full list:

(View a larger image.)

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