Infographic: 10 ways to optimize your Pinterest profile

With verified URLs, and the ability to drive more traffic than Yahoo! or Bing, Pinterest is more important to your social media efforts than ever.

Pinterest is the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter, and it refers more traffic than Yahoo! or Bing.

Is your company using the social pinboard to its full potential?

If not, now is the time to get started.

This infographic from EpreneurTV lists 10 ways you can optimize your company’s Pinterest page. You may already know a few of them, like how it’s important to pin a variety of content, but did you know you can verify your company’s URL to help drive traffic to your site?

Here’s a look at some of the tips:

1. Complete the “about” section on your profile.

You have 200 characters to explain your company and its products or services. This section is optimized for search, so be sure to include keywords.

2. Verify your URL.

Once verified, your URL will have a red check mark next to it, and visitors will be able to click it to go directly to your site. This will drive more traffic to your site and boost search engine optimization.

3. Choose board placement carefully.

Visitors focus most on boards in the top two rows. Put your most popular boards, or boards that are trending, here. Also, change your boards’ locations every now and then to keep things fresh.

Take a look at some more ways you can use Pinterest to your company’s advantage:

(View a larger image.)

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