Infographic: 12 Facebook features every marketer should know

The social network is constantly adding and updating tools that make marketers’ lives a little easier. Here are a dozen that you should add to your arsenal.

Trying to keep up with social media changes and features can feel like running a race with a constantly relocating finish line.

You work so hard to keep up, but you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

If this sounds familiar, check out this infographic from Post Planner. It lists 12 Facebook features that marketers should know about.

Some may look familiar, and some may be new to you. Regardless of whether this infographic introduces a feature that will make your life easier or helps you realize that you’re actually up to date on the latest offerings, it will make you feel a little happier.

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A few features to note:

You can save articles in your newsfeed to read later. Simply click the small gray arrow in a post’s top right corner, and click “Save link.”

You can download your page’s entire analytics history. Go to your page’s Insights and click “Export.” Under “Date Range,” choose “Lifetime.”

You can filter your page’s posts by type. Open your page’s Activity Log and filter by videos, photos, comments and more.

Check out the infographic to learn about more Facebook features:

(View a larger image.)

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