Infographic: 12 phrases you should never say at work

These expressions might seem innocent, but they could be sabotaging your reputation. It’s time to banish them from your vocabulary.

Here at, we’ve run many articles discussing body language and how our mannerisms, gestures and posture communicate subconscious messages to others.

However, there are also phrases that send corrosive messages—and many of us throw them around without much thought.

We say them out of habit or because we’ve heard other people use them, but these expressions could be tarnishing your reputation in the workplace.

An infographic from Headway Capital lists 12 of them and offers alternative expressions to try instead. Here are a few; do any look familiar?

“This will only take a minute.” Tasks rarely ever only take a minute to accomplish. Rather than let someone down, give a realistic time in which you can take care of the issue-or ask a colleague to complete a given task.

“I may be wrong, but …” When you say this, you discount your idea before you even propose it. Instead, say, “Here’s an idea …” It makes you sound more confident.

“There’s nothing I can do.” You might feel that you’ve exhausted all your options, but rather than give up, ask someone for help. A can-do attitude is much more attractive than a defeatist one.

Check out the infographic for more phrases to purge from your vocabulary. How many are you using?

(View a larger image.)

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