Infographic: 16 ways internal communicators should use video

Intranet updates, emails and newsletter articles can be only so exciting. Spice up your employee engagement strategy with these video ideas.

Compliance training is not exciting. Neither are meetings about finances.

As an internal communicator, it’s your job to make sure employees receive and absorb all this important—if boring—information.

If employees are disregarding your emails, newsletters or intranet updates, it might be time to try using video.

An infographic from Qumu says 69 percent of internal communicators are using video to engage employees, and 41 percent plan to increase how much they use it. Video is a stimulating way to deliver tedious information, but it can help you share more exciting news, too.

Download this free white paper, “How to create videos employees love” to learn how to craft videos that captivate and engage your staff.

The infographic lists 16 ways internal communicators can use video. Here are a few:

1. To share company trivia. Educate employees and help them feel connected to the organization by sharing interesting historical or quirky facts.

2. To livestream a town hall meeting. This enables employees, no matter where they are, to be involved in important organizational conversations.

3. To spotlight employees. Interview employees about their jobs, achievements and personal life so their co-workers can get to know them and everyone can feel more connected to each other.

4. To deliver news. Share the latest organizational happenings in a weekly video.

5. To promote philanthropic work. If your organization supports a charity or is hosting a charitable event, promote it and encourage employees to get involved via video.

How does your organization use video? Please share your suggestions in the comments, and see the rest of the infographic’s ideas below:

(View a larger image.)

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