Infographic: 2020 social media prognostications

To weather the storm next year, turn an eye toward TikTok, and hunker down with plenty of live content.

Forecasting social media trends is a bit like predicting the weather.

Platforms wax and wane, and our digital tastes are vexingly fickle. However, experts can establish a reasonable “cone of uncertainty” to project the social media trails we’ll blaze in 2020.

An infographic from Awario offers a handful of predictions to prep for accordingly—three of which are listed below:

Marketers will turn to TikTok. The platform now has north of 500 million active users, and as of last March, it was the most downloaded app in Apple’s App Store for five consecutive quarters.

If it’s not already on your list of things to seriously explore in 2020, you could be missing out on reaching younger customers.

Social media listening will increase. Awario points to findings that “90% of social media users try to reach out to brands or retailers on social media.” Are you listening to what your audience has to say?

You should be listening quite closely, as social media monitoring can help you “improve products and services, attract new customers and provide better customer service,” according to Awario.

Social media listening is also a savvy way for companies to sniff out problems before they erupt—not to mention a smart way to rustle up relevant content ideas.

Live content will rule. It’s time to get over your fear of producing live content. Whether you use Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube Live, keep in mind that companies producing video get, on average, a 41% boost in traffic. Consumers can’t get enough live content, so give your audience more of what they want in 2020.

What other social media trends are you prepping for? Which fads do you see dying out?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and read the rest of Awario’s infographic for more predictions.

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