Infographic: 21 social media tools for savvy marketers

Keeping up with all your platforms and feeds can be a tremendous time commitment. Consider these handy helpers to lighten your load.

Are you drowning in a million daily social media tasks?

With all the different opinions on how often your organization should post new content, repurpose stuff from the archives, and tailor specific messages to each platform—not to mention the internet’s insatiable appetite for news—you might be hard pressed to keep up.

However, there might be an app for that.

This infographic from Post Planner shares 21 tools to help marketers shoulder their social media burden.

Some of its suggestions include:

  • AgoraPulse— Create contests and monitor your results with customizable reporting.
  • Buzzsumo— Learn about the latest hot topics in your industry and research important keywords.
  • Dashlane— Keep track of all your logins and passwords.
  • Buffer— Use this one-stop shop for scheduling your social media posts.

To learn about all the different digital tools available for the time-starved communicator, see the full infographic.


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