Infographic: 24 percent of companies have no social media policy

Does yours? Take a look at why and how employees use social media at work, and whether most companies allow it.

Does your company have a social media policy?

If not, you’re part of the 24 percent that doesn’t.

But according to an infographic from, it’s something you should quickly consider.

Companies run the gamut from having specific policies to not even knowing if they have a policy. Here’s how the current landscape:

  • Specific published policy: 23 percent
  • General guidelines: 31 percent
  • Informal with expectations: 17 percent
  • Social training provided: 7 percent
  • Monitored use: 9 percent
  • No policy: 24 percent
  • Don’t know: 8 percent

Employees say they use social media at work to connect with co-workers (49 percent) and customers (44 percent), and because it’s a fun way to connect with others (47 percent).

These are the top social networks they use:

  • Twitter: 69 percent
  • Facebook: 65 percent
  • LinkedIn: 51 percent
  • Company intranet: 19 percent

Want to know more? Take a look: (View a larger image.)

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