Infographic: 25 elements of employee engagement

For a happier, healthier workplace, take a more scientific approach to creating harmonious chemistry.

Every workplace is a Petri dish of sorts.

Internal communicators, much like scientists, introduce different elements—and workplace life forms—that determine and, sometimes, alter the dish’s environment. In either setting, elemental concoctions can be harmonious and complementary—or potentially explosive.

Communicators might not wield Bunsen burners, beakers and pipettes, but they should apply science in their favor. To help those searching for an employee engagement elixir, TINYpulse posted a Kronos infographic that lists a “periodic table” featuring 25 elements of engaging work cultures. The graphic breaks the crucial elements into five broader buckets:

People and relationships. The graphic lists “CtP,” which stands for “culture trumps performance,” citing: “Nearly 60 percent of HR leaders say they would fire a strong performer who did not fit into the company culture.”

There’s also “F” for “friendships” and “Ap” for appreciation.

Leadership. The infographic lists “M” for “mentoring,” stating: “Twenty percent of millennial employees claim having a mentor or sponsor was a useful aspect of their employer’s onboarding strategy.”

Benefits and perks. Pay and benefits (“Pb”) are crucial, of course, but don’t neglect wellness (“FiT,” in this case).

Work-life balance. Flexibility (“Fx”) is essential for recruiting, retention and morale.

Learning and development. Who doesn’t want to climb, grow and advance? Consider experimenting with work exchanges (“Ex”), younger professional training (“Yp”) and internal promotions (“Ip”).

Workplace chemistry is serious business. Don’t let it blow up in your face.

To take a more science-based approach to employee engagement and retention, look at the piece below.

A Periodic Table of the Essential Elements of a Highly Engaged Workplace Culture Infographic

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