Infographic: 29 tips for improving employee morale

If your workers are frustrated, staff productivity—and your profits—will be deflated. Here’s how to lift, elevate, inspire and encourage depleted staffers.

You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you’re saddled with a bunch of uninspired loafers (or disrespected gofers), your company will never soar.

Of course, employee morale is not simply a manifestation of your workforce’s sheer will, attitudes and determination. Companies’ leaders—by dint of how well they communicate and which benefits they offer—play a key role in the morale equation. If this is a concern for you (and it should be), Fundera offers 29 data-backed ways to boost morale. 

Its tips include:


  • Prioritize health insurance. The piece states: “Fifty-six percent of Americans say their health plan is the reason they stay at their current job.” In a country that charges $48,512 for a cat bite treatment or about 50k for a C-section, don’t skimp on employee health plans.
  • Recognize hard work. You’d be hard-pressed to find a human being who doesn’t appreciate a bit of appreciation. Fundera writes: “Sixty-nine percent of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated and recognized.”
  • Allow flexible schedules. Flexible workplace arrangements are becoming essential for recruiting—and retention. According to the infographic, “Seventy-five percent of workers say they experience greater productivity at home.”


  • Create a mentoring program. Fundera writes: “Eighty-three percent of workers in a mentoring program admit that it increases their desire to stay at their organization.” Mentoring initiatives scratch the professional development itch, and they help establish genuine connections between staffers.  
  • Promote work/life balance. Yes, working people to the bone can be a bummer for morale. Workplace stress kills, so be intentional about exhorting employees to rest, rejuvenate and “disconnect” outside the office.


  • Conclude meetings with attainable goals. Meetings are often a waste of time. To make them more meaningful, give participants tangible tasks and calls to action.
  • Provide multiple ways to communicate. Communication is a “different strokes for different folks” proposition. Instead of forcing everyone onto the same channel, provide a few options for internal comms (such as a chat platform, a mobile app or intranet).

How’s morale at your organization? If it’s low, flagging or perhaps not as keen as you’d like, review the rest of Fundera’s infographic for more data-backed tips to boost employee engagement.

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