Infographic: 3 secrets to outstanding Facebook posts

For digital marketers, the platform offers the most number of interested consumers of any social media site. Here’s how you can be heard over the noise.

When it comes to social media, Facebook is king.

Roughly 79 percent of internet users in the United States use the platform—and most Americans use Facebook more than any other social media site or app. That presents a huge opportunity—and challenge—for marketers.

What makes a Facebook post get more likes, shares and comments?

The secrets are out in a BuzzSumo infographic featuring findings from a the company’s research report. The report, which analyzed 800 million Facebook posts published during 2016, revealed stunning social surprises about the types of Facebook posts that earn the most engagement. consumers love and those that earn the most engagement.

Here are three elements of Facebook posts that can help win the hearts and shares of consumers:

1. Short is sweet.

Long posts aren’t always best: Facebook posts which generated the most engagement had fewer than 50 words. Additionally, posts that shared links earned higher interaction when those links led to posts with only 1,000 to 3,000 words. Less is more when posting on Facebook.

2. Time your “likes.”

The best time to post on Facebook is during off-hours, when there is less competition to be seen in users’ news feeds. By posting on Facebook during off-peak hours, your posts have a greater chance of being seen, read and shared—setting you on the right track for greater engagement.

3. Share videos to captivate.

With so many Facebook posts vying to be seen and shared, grab readers’ attention through videos. They’re shared on Facebook more often than other types of content.

See more surprising findings from the study in the infographic below:

Michael Del Gigante is the president and creative director of marketing and communications agency MDG Advertising. A version of this article originally appeared on the agency’s blog.

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