Infographic: 4 crisis management keys

Nearly 60 percent of businesses have been hit by a crisis, yet only 54 percent have a plan in place to guide a response.

if ( window.self !== ) {; } If you don’t have a plan when it hits the fan, it’s already too late.

You may not be able to prevent a crisis or a wave of negative reviews, but you can mitigate the damage with swift, decisive action.

According to an infographic posted on Commpro, an effective crisis management bulwark is anchored by four pillars.

“Monitor,” the first pillar, entails scouring social media, online review sites, Google Images and your own website for unflattering material. The infographic cites research that says 59 percent of businesses have experienced a crisis, though only 54 percent have a crisis management plan to respond.

The second pillar, “be proactive,” is about heading off trouble. The graphic recommends building credibility by publishing timely, relevant content; developing detailed response plans to common PR issues; and considering hiring someone to help with reputation management.

The final pillars are to “take action” and “review and learn.” When crisis hits, it’s crucial to respond quickly—and with tact—which will help you recover and rebuild your image. Read the infographic below to make sure you’re prepared to weather the (almost) inevitable internet storm.

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The 4 Pillars of Crisis Management

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