Infographic: 5 reasons recruiters can’t find you on LinkedIn

Do you have a small network? Does your profile lack keywords? These reasons and more can hold you back from important career opportunities.

Be honest: One of the first features you look at when you sign into LinkedIn is the “Who’s viewed your profile” feature.

It’s OK. You’re not alone. We all want to know who has been checking us out.

Are you ever disappointed by the number of people who have looked at your profile? Do you wonder why there aren’t more people who want to learn about wonderful you (recruiters in particular)?

If so, this infographic from LinkedIn in 30 Minutes and Avid Careerist can help. It lists five reasons why recruiters can’t find you on LinkedIn.

Do any of them apply to you?

1. You have a small network, and arent connected to recruiters.

The larger your LinkedIn network (second- and third- degree connections included) the greater your chances of connecting with people who can boost your career. Increase your chances of success even more by connecting with recruiters.

2. You dont have a profile photo.

Or maybe you do have a profile photo, but it’s blurry and outdated. Whatever the case, get yourself a new one that shows off your current, friendly and professional self.

3. You have a boring, generic headline.

Every section of your profile is an opportunity to sell yourself. Describe yourself in an accurate, appealing way. (And check for typos!)

4. Your profile doesnt have the right keywords.

The best way to keep yourself out of LinkedIn search results is to not include any keywords in your profile. Consider which words a recruiter would search for to find someone to fill a role you’d like to have. Add those words to your profile.

5. Your profile isnt public.

This one is a no-brainer. How can anyone find you if your profile is set to private? Or worse-if you’re not on LinkedIn at all?

Take a look at the full graphic for more helpful LinkedIn tips:

(View a larger image.)

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