Infographic: 5 secrets for building captivating visual content

Eye-popping imagery elevates your marketing and communication efforts. Here’s how to help your creations stand out.

The strength of your online presence depends on your visual content.

In a crowded marketplace, internet surfers prowl for stunning images that command their attention. They look for great photos on social media and videos that emotionally grab the viewer.

If you are relying on words alone, you’re likely to be left behind.

This infographic from Branex offers some ideas on how—and why—to create stellar imagery that can boost your brand and pull in a bigger audience.

Key tips include:

  • Some 84% of communication will be visual by 2019, and as much as 82% of internet traffic will be video by 2021.
  • Facebook posts with images garner twice the engagement of those without visuals.
  • Consistency is essential for developing the visual language of your brand.

To learn how to make your visual content stand out and drive strong interest in your organization, consider the full infographic.

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