Infographic: 6 social media marketing trends to watch

Keep an eye on micro-influencers, stay connected on messaging platforms and don’t forget about younger audiences.

When it comes to social media marketing, one thing is certain: Nothing lasts forever.

What worked last year for your marketing strategy might not this year.

The landscape is constantly evolving, and brand managers must stay privy to the latest practices to have the upper hand.

Where—and on whom—should your organization be spending its marketing dollars? What must your social media team be prepared for? How are consumers communicating on these platforms?

These are all questions that keep brand managers up at night.

Take a breath: An infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines shares the social media practices that will likely be shaping the industry.

They include:

  • Don’t skimp on targeting Generation Z.
  • Prepare your organization for the online “call out” culture.
  • Fake news isn’t going anywhere.

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See the full infographic below to discover the tactics that will lead to social media marketing success:

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