Infographic: 7 steps to craft compelling, brand-boosting infographics

Start with a clear vision, a valuable message and captivating graphics. Then, consider your color scheme, fonts and imagery.

Which type of content reigns supreme?

After analyzing 100 million pieces of content, OkDork and Buzzsumo found that infographics garnered the most shares—and it wasn’t close. Infographics run shareable circles around lists, how-tos and even vaunted video, but you can’t just churn out half-baked graphics and expect rousing applause.

average shares by content type branding infographic 7 tips to keep your infographics on brand

Visme offers seven tips for crafting effective infographics that mesh with, complement and elevate your brand.

The guidance comes, appropriately, via infographic.

According to the piece, infographics must have:

  • A clear vision. What’s the purpose of your piece? Don’t meander and maunder—get straight to your key points.
  • A valuable message. Don’t create infographics just for the sake of having something pretty. Your piece should contain valuable, helpful, insightful nuggets for your audience.
  • Captivating graphics. Don’t skimp on the aesthetics.

Visme suggests considering branding elements such as:

  • The color palette. Weigh the psychological implications of the color scheme you select.
  • The fonts. Fonts speak volumes. The graphic suggests sticking to “readable” serif or sans serif fonts for text and “display fonts” for titles. “Ignore Script and Monospace typefaces” is another tip. One more freebie: Use Comic Sans and Papyrus (if you have a deep longing for public ridicule).
  • Logo placement. Resist the urge to splash your logo all over the place. Tuck it neatly at the bottom of your piece.
  • Images and icons. Be consistent with your imagery, and make sure all your artwork is free for commercial use. Nothing spoils content marketing success like a lawsuit.

Infographics are certainly worth the time and effort—provided you supply the goods your audience craves. Read through the rest of the infographic for Visme’s seven steps to success.

branding infographic 7 Tips to Keep Your Infographics on Brand Infographic

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