Infographic: 7 things every communicator should do this year

2017 will bring futuristic technology, more data and endless communication channels. With all the changes ahead, here are a few ways to remain focused on your audience.

Remember when self-driving cars and virtual reality existed only in movies?

Such innovations are exploding onto the scene, which means 2017 will bring dozens of new opportunities and challenges for communicators. All these cool, newfangled tools can make even the most dismissive of us fall victim to shiny object syndrome.

To stay on track in 2017, consider this infographic from MDG Advertising. It offers seven resolutions that marketers should make not only to embrace the year’s innovations, but also to use them in support of their organizations’ goals and audiences’ needs.

Here are a few:

  • “I will automate what I can.” How many social media profiles does your organization have? Probably a lot, and you’ll burn out if you try to manage them all yourself. Plus, 94 percent of marketers say automating at least some of their programs have boosted their organization’s performance.
  • “I will be vigilant about security.” Eighty-four percent of Americans say they are concerned about their online privacy, and 29 percent say they avoid taking online actions—such as making a purchase—because they’re afraid of compromising their personal information.
  • “I will embrace new technology.” Be bold and brave this year! Try a new communication channel, or experiment with emerging technology. Consider virtual reality. Virtual reality’s internet traffic is expected to increase 61 times by 2020.

What are your communications resolutions for 2017?

(View a larger image.)

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